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One was a rickshaw-wala and other was his passenger. They quarreled over payment of fair. The rickshaw-wala demanded fifteen rupees.

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But the passenger wanted to pay him only eight rupees. From hot words, they came to blows.

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  8. The rickshaw-wala gave the other blow on the ear. The passenger paid him back in the same coin. The crowd increased every moment. Some took the side of the passenger, while others took the side of rickshaw-wala. But nobody parted them. Their shirts got torn. He was not keeping to the. He was coming at a dangerous speed. Moreover, his bike had no bell and no brakes.

    The young man was required to pay Rs. In this way the quarrel came to an end. Essays List. Posted by shahzad at Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Labels: Essays. Jennifer Thompson 10 February at Newer Post Older Post Home.

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    Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Essays List College Life. My Village 39 My Native Town. Powered by Blogger. Popular Posts. Essay on A Street Quarrel. A Street Quarrel There was heavy traffic in the bazar and everybody seemed to be busy, a vendor was passing through the street shout Write Essay on Students Union. Students Union Outline: 1.

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    What is Students union? Its composition. Its purposes and programmers. Its drawbacks. Essay on College Convocation. College Convocation There are seventh May was fixed for the convocation in our college. The secretary of education was to preside over Essay A Visit to a Fair.

    A Visit to a Fair Every year, generally in spring or autumn a fair is held eve Essay on The Unhappiest day of my Life. The Unhappiest day of my Life I am an ordinary man. My life has never a bed of roses. I had struggle my way through life. But there Life in a College Hostel A hostel is an inseparable part of a college.

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    Every education institution has one or more of them. The stu Essay A Visit to an Historical Place. I had not seen the Tomb of Jahangir. So all agreed that th Essay on My village. It was like a mini war in the middle of the road.

    Essay on A Street Quarrel

    As a consequence some of them were seriously hurt. Some of the people were seen bleeding. The mob got jumpy and everyone started running from here to there causing a stampede of sorts. The police arrived late and hence they did not prove themselves useful in forestalling the situation. It has been accurately said that anger is momentary madness, and each of us must keep it in control.

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    Everyone must build up the power of tolerance, peace and mutual understanding. Anger begets anger and violence leads to more violence.

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    7. Thus, it is never wise to create or be a part of such a situation. We must keep in mind that peace is always good and the limits of morality and civic sense must not be forgotten.