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The students of our school introduced the cultural project. People really like this cultural show and applaud loudly.

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After that, the principal read the school's annual report. After that, a prize meeting will be held soon. The chief guest handed out prizes to winners in their respective fields. Then he made a very exciting speech. He encourages all students to work hard in order to ensure success. He also said one or two events to motivate the students. Finally, he announced a 5 rupee donation to open a new computer lab to school.

The Annual Prize Distribution

We cheered loudly. This function ends with the national anthem. The award recipient's lecture will be held several days before the award ceremony usually. The Peace Prize and its winners will be announced at the annual award ceremony to be held in Oslo, Norway on December 10th. Awards ceremonies and related banquets are usually major international events. The annual peace prize was awarded in Oslo, Norway.

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The Education Minister of the state had to come as the Chief Guest. It was a matter of great pride for us. Therefore the school building was decorated like a bride. The parents of the students and other respected people of the city were invited to grace the occasion. The function had to be started at am sharp. The Chief Guest arrived on time. Our Principal and some members of school Management welcomed him with bouquet of flowers.

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First of all he was served with tea and snacks at Principal office and from there he was taken to the Function Venue. The Function began with Saraswati Vandana. People enjoyed this Cultural Programme a lot with loud clapping. After that our Principal read out the Annual Report of the school. It started with prize distribution for the junior classes and then continued with the senior classes. Students who had excelled in academics received certificates and books as prizes.

Then suddenly my name was called out.

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I was thrilled. I got three prizes for excellent grades, general proficiency and co-curricular activities.

It was an honour to receive these from the chief minister. I felt so proud and so did my parents. My principal shook hands with me and patted me on the back.

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My photograph was taken too. The prize distribution came to an end with the chief minister delivering a very inspiring speech. My English teacher then presented the delegates and dignitaries with beautiful souvenirs.

The school anthem was sung with great enthusiasm and fervour. I returned home very happy and excited. This was also one of the most memorable days of my life.