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Smoking cigarettes can cause many problems that affect not only the smoker, but anyone else that is around the smoker. Nonsmokers chose to not smoke because they do not like the health risks or negative effects caused by cigarettes. People that chose to turn cigarettes down should not have to still interfere with the negative effects of tobacco because smokers are too rude to just save the smoking until they are in their own home Research Papers words 4.

Still, Germany as a whole has remained surprisingly tolerant of cigarettes, even as other European countries including Ireland, Spain, and Italy moved in recent years to ban smoking in public places.

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Back in , German lawmakers, fearful of voter backlash, defeated proposed legislation that would have effectively banned smoking from the workplace and most public places This obviously flared up its fair share of supporters and non supporters. Some of the non supporters are asking if it is fair for the college to say what they can and cannot do in a public place.

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So is it ok for them to say no smoking on campus. I think they have every right to. According to Utilitarianism, when making a decision you should choose the one that results in the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people Customers would decide-without the government's help-if they want to avoid smoke-filled rooms or enter them. They might even choose to sit in an area sectioned off for smokers or non-smokers, but the ultimate issue is choice Ruwart 1. When the government starts telling restaurant owners what their customers can and cannot do, the government is overstepping its boundaries Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

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Need Writing Help? Smoking Should Be Banned From Public Places Essay - As soon as someone lights a cigarette and puts it up to their mouth they are just asking for health problems to occur.


Search Term:. Many communities throughout the US have taken a stand on smoking and have their own policies.

Should Smoking Be Banned Public Places?

The writer wants to see extensively significant components that demonstrate precisely what the legal system from the property is when it comes to cigarettes. Some areas allow for smokers and nonsmokers to blend with no hassle, whether or not one is using tobacco in congested places or maybe not.

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  4. In these regions, those that smoke are anticipated make honest steps and think about the outcome of the cigarette smoke on those who will not light up. One more point the argumentative essay will want to give an explanation of is whether there exists any rules that forbids people who smoke while using smoking in public.

    Smoking Should be Banned in all Public Places

    In such regions, legislation makes clear in which cigarette smoking areas can be found, if any, and then the punishment that cigarette smokers ought to experience if they break up what the law states by smoking in low-tobacco use zones. In almost any argumentative essay, the author should certainly demonstrate the contradicting views of folks. As an example, in the argumentative essay on using cigarettes in public areas, the author will need to make clear whatever the consequences are because of not planning tobacco smoking areas.

    This is because numerous people will argue that using tobacco in public places has no negative effects that justify its ban, whilst some others might possibly disagree out that tobacco use in public places is indeed so negative and hazardous that nations definitely should prohibit it entirely in cities. The author must not deliver precisely the regulation, or preferred prospective rules.

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    This may not arrive at the root of a argument, it fairly demonstrates that there is an argument. It makes them feel awkward and helpless, all at the same time.

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    Thus smoking in public places paints a very gloomy picture of how things actually shape up in the long run. This man would be criticized for his acts and at times, taunts would also make the rounds of his personality.

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    Robbins, Leslie. State Legislatures, Vol. Spivey, Angela.

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