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Having conserved the original binding and text block through the Oxford Conservation Consortium in —10, the thesis and I set off on a short tour of northern Europe, with me acting as courier for its safe installation in a two-centre exhibition on Lawrence in Germany during and A second courier trip for an exhibition at Magdalen College , and ongoing advice regarding its storage environment, cemented my working relationship with the thesis.

It seemed like a fitting tribute to a ten-year friendship that I should be asked to contribute to the creation of a facsimile of this tactile but fragile object.

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A digital copy: photographic equipment at the Grove Cottage studio photo: Colin Dunn. This fragility had long been recognised, and a digital copy of the thesis was created in February by Colin Dunn of Scriptura on large-format photographic equipment. Although perfect for research and online content, this cannot give the reader experience of thumbing through the original.

In consultation with College Librarian Owen McKnight, it was decided that the facsimile should provide the same layered and dynamic impression that made the original so charming. The cheap and basic construction of the original binding was also part of the story: it was an undergraduate thesis rather than a fine binding, and we felt that this should be replicated as far as possible.

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Printing of the textblock by Colin was preceded by decisions both practical and technical. A suitably thin stock was sourced through specialist paper suppliers R. The digital images were prepared for print, and tests were run to ensure a very close colour match to the original.

Once the facsimile textblock was printed, the first stage in the binding process was to attach the stub guards both to create sections for sewing through and to provide compensation for the extra material that would be hinged in to mirror the original. This extra width has the advantage of enabling the wonderful marginalia to be seen without having to force the binding. No puttees! The guards were pasted onto the verso of the facsimile pages with an overlap of no more than 2 mm, matching the chain lines and colour the tone of the paper in the original pages varies considerably.

The facsimile textblock: with stub guards attached photo: Victoria Stevens. The facsimile textblock: after making into sections photo: Victoria Stevens. After folding the guards and making up the sections, the next stage was to sew the textblock.

Thin linen tapes were used for the sewing supports, to replicate the original sewing structure and give greater strength and flexibility. Sewing the textblock: controlling swell with a consolidation stick photo: Victoria Stevens. Sewing the textblock: the finished sewing photo: Victoria Stevens. Departing from the original thesis binding structure, the boards were laced on to increase the strength of the binding attachment and help the finished facsimile withstand the handling it was likely to receive.

This involved driving an awl at two points through the depth of the board for each support, fraying out the ends of the sewing supports, known as slips, and lacing these through the boards. The slips are fixed both mechanically — the board around the awl puncture is hammered down into place like a rivet — and by adhesion, applying paste to the slips before they are laced on.

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The spine was lined with a linen textile to provide support to the sewing structure and add strength. As old starch-filled cloth stock was to be used to replicate the original look and texture of the cloth case, it was important to increase the fold resistance of the covering cloth through this sturdier linen layer. The linen liner was extended onto the outer face of the board, and the laced-in slips and liner were covered with a thin card to provide a smooth surface finish.

As cloth was being used as a covering material, a hollow was made off the book and attached to the spine with paste.

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