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How to write a good abstract for a scientific paper or conference presentation

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Writing an abstract

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How to Write an Abstract Step-by-Step (With Examples)

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How to write a good abstract for a scientific paper or conference presentation

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  4. It should include all essential words in the right order so the topic of the manuscript is accurately and fully conveyed. An excellent title is the key to ensuring your article will be found.

    Tips and Examples for Writing Thesis Statements

    An improperly titled paper may be lost and never reach its intended audience. Your title will be read by many more people than the rest of your manuscript. Indexing services will use the title to categorize your paper. Writing the paper first solves this problem, effectively refreshing your memory as you condense all of the aspects of your work into a single document.


    The manuscript can then be used as a guide to write the abstract, which serves as a concise summary of your research. Then, use these sentences as an outline to write your abstract. For example, some journals require a structured abstract with discrete sections, and most journals impose a strict word count limit. The first section of your abstract is very valuable real estate. These sentences must inform the reader about why you have undertaken this research.

    Thus, it immediately grabs the attention of the reader. The next sentence might go on to describe what information is lacking in the field or what previous researchers have done to try to address the problem. Such statements can lead very naturally into a statement of how your research uniquely addresses the issue. AJE's abstract editing service is specifically designed to help you polish your abstract and meet word count limits. The methods section of your abstract is your chance to summarize the basic design of your study.

    Excessive detail is unnecessary; however, you should briefly state the key techniques used. Abstracts in biological or clinical fields should mention the organism, cell line, or population studied. For ecology papers, the location of the study is often an important piece of information.

    Papers describing clinical trials should mention the sample size, patient groups, dosages, and study duration. Just as the abstract may be the most important part of your paper, the results subsection is likely the most important part of your abstract. This is because the main reason that people are reading your abstract is to learn about your findings.