Developing critical thinking skills exercises

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  • 5 Critical Thinking Exercises for a Healthy and Alert Brain;

The grouping criteria will depend on what's included in the list. Compare and Contrast. Comparative analysis of competing technologies or products can be a good exercise for developing critical and analytical thinking skills. Give them two music genres for comparison or give them two movie names and ask them which one they would recommend watching and why.

You can give them sets of things that have something in common and ask them to point out what's common to them. For example, September, April, November, June. Now anyone would know what's common to these, they are names of months. But attention to detail is what it takes, to notice that all of them have 30 days.

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Socratic Thinking Exercise. Let's take the subject of "effects of peer pressure on teenagers".

Ask the students to give their views on the subject and then give them a set of questions like these. Sample Scenarios.

Simple Yet Practical Tips on Developing Critical Thinking Skills

What would you do with the time you have? What would life be like? Fact or Perception Exercise. Answer: A fact. Sorting and Classifying Exercise. Give the students pictures of certain things animals, fruits, people, etc. Have them find what's common to the pictures. Ask them to find ways in which each picture is different from the other. Or have them place the objects in the pictures under suitable categories and find ways to group them.

For example, grouping animals into mammals and reptiles, people according to the field they belong to, fruits based on their season, etc. Critical thinking is not only about thinking analytically but also about thinking differently.

Critical Thinking Exercises

It is about coming up with different ways to solve a problem. With critical analysis you can dissect a problem, get to its root and nip it in the bud. Critical thinking helps you understand the problem, and that's the most important thing to do if you have to overcome it. Share This. List of Human Qualities. Characteristics of a Hero. Examples of Personal Development Goals. Goal Setting Activities. Lack of Motivation in Life. Anger Management Techniques for Men. Personal Goal Examples. Problem Solving Activities.

Key Strengths for Leadership. Types of Decision Making. How to Become Successful. How to Get Famous Fast. Important Values in Life. How to Memorize Quickly. Self-motivation Techniques. Self-esteem Activities. Mind Control Techniques. Today, they are necessary for every individual and group who seeks to make sensible decisions about financial, health, civic, workplace and leisure activities. The solutions to international concerns such as climate change and global warming require highly developed critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

These skills include the ability to effectively analyse and evaluate evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs. The ability to solve interesting and unfamiliar problems often leads to the development of other skills such as increased engagement, higher concentration levels and improved thought processing. Here are a few examples of experiences that occur in many programs which may provide you with an opportunity to focus on problem-solving skills:. First Name. Enter your login details below to access your Account Profile, the activity database, and many other programming resources.

Use your favourite search engine to round-up six Droodles that can be used for this exercise.

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Print and hand these Droodles to the class, and ask them to write down individually what they think the Droodle represents. Next, place the class into groups to compare and discuss answers, and vote for the best answer. Students can then present and compare their answers with the rest of the class. This is a great way of developing analysis skills in a variety of classes — especially drama! Select a panel of three students.

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Provide one with the correct answer to a particular topic, and two with false answers. Ask the panel to present their answers to the rest of the class, then give the class time to ask the panel questions about their stories. After a set period of time, ask students to vote which story they think is the truth, before revealing the correct answer. What is critical thinking?

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