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Bailing out the Greek government was a bad idea If you choose this topic, you must have some knowledge of financial issues and the economy. It can take some time to do the background research on the different aspects but your claims will be more compelling when backed up by data and research.

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You can point out the absurdity that the Greek government cannot repay its debts without borrowing more while at the same time it cannot cover the debts by tax revenues and no country is willing to lend it more money. Technological development is mostly positive The rapid development of technology has made some people worried about the growing influence of technology in our everyday lives.

You could list the pros and cons of modern technologies and provide examples of the numerous opportunities that advanced technology can provide. Successful students should be encouraged more. Video games are not responsible for the violent school attacks This is a controversial topic especially in the U. Citing appropriate research will give your statements more credibility. If they are, for example, learning programming, then they should be encouraged to do so.

The demand for new employees in the IT field is increasing constantly. Teachers should be able to expel students who misbehave The power dynamics have changed in the classroom.

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While in the past teachers used to have enough authority over their students, it seems that now students are the ones who are in charge. Focus on how P.

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