Disrupting classroom essay

A principled stand against class disruption

To prevent disruptive behavior in the classroom, establish behavioral expectations at the beginning of the semester. State expectations regarding attendance, lateness, class participation, cheating and appropriate conduct in the course syllabus and discuss them at the outset of the term. If that fails to stop the misbehavior, privately invite the student to meet with you before or after class or during office hours. Or, if you believe it is appropriate, calmly ask the student to leave the classroom and then contact them afterwards to schedule a meeting.

If you have reason to believe the disruptive student might threaten you in any way, ask a colleague or administrator to attend this meeting.

During the meeting, explain why you believe their behavior is disrupting the learning environment in your classroom. Politely ask the student to stop this behavior. Then ask the student to explain their behavior.

Ask if they accept responsibility for the problematic conduct. Students are expected to treat the instructor and other students with dignity and respect, especially in cases where a diversity of opinion arises.

Preventing Disruptive Behavior

Students who engage in disruptive behavior are subject to disciplinary action, including removal from the course. Instructors should address the behavior with the student and clarify expectations. If the student continues to disrupt class after being advised to stop, the instructor may remove the student from that class session.

Disrupting Classroom Essay

Instructors should refer persistent offenders to the Academic Dean or dept. For those teaching at extended metropolitan or military sites, your director will provide specific information. Documentation of the disruptive behavior should be sent to the Dean of Students office at the Webster Groves campus for placement in the student's file.

Tackling Low Level Disruption in the Classroom

Injury Prevention. Performance enhancement.

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