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During this two-year appointment, Fellows have the opportunity to learn about and take part in the shaping of environmental policy. Provides professional experiences. Priority is given to candidates with degrees in natural sciences or environmental policy and planning. Strong writing, communication, and general computer skills are desirable. A competitive vacation and benefits package is included. All continuing GSAS students must apply for renewal of their fellowships, or for fellowship consideration if they did not receive an award the prior year.

Each individual department has procedures and deadlines for fellowship consideration. Promote undergraduate and graduate education in support of DOE's global change research activities. Fellowship is open to US citizens. This program will support graduate students in BER-funded collaborative global change research involving universities and national libraries. Fellowships are renewable for up to 3 years, and will support doctoral candidates in various global change research areas.


Fellowship includes transportation, tuition at the college or university attended, and a support stipend for the year. Applicants should have completed their first year in graduate school, unless they have participated previously in the SURE undergraduate fellowship program. Minorities and women are especially encouraged to apply. Since the Department of Energy and, more specifically, the Office of Environmental Management, has invested in the talents of promising Latino students through the Environmental Management Scholarship.

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Earthwatch supports doctoral and post-doctoral researchers, or researchers with equivalent scholarship or commensurate life experience. The Research Program welcomes proposals from advanced scholars and professionals of any nationality, covering any geographic region.

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Applicants intending to conduct research in foreign countries are strongly encouraged to include host country nationals as part of their research staff. The ELP Fellowship is an innovative national program designed to build the leadership capacity of the environmental field's most promising emerging professionals from the United States, U.

Territories, and Freely Associated States. The two-year fellowship offers unique networking opportunities, intensive leadership and skills training, project seed money, support, and time for personal and professional reflection. Fellows receive travel and accommodations for four fellowship retreats; access to funding for leadership-building projects; and national recognition through the program. Full-time Junior, Senior, or Graduate student with a cumulative minimum 2.

Exploration Fund, for graduate, post-graduate, doctorate and early career post-doctoral students, provides grants in support of exploration and field research for those who are just beginning their research careers. The deadline for receiving applications is December 15th, Awards will be mailed in the spring of to the address provided in the application. Limited to U. Only individuals engaged in a teaching and research career or those planning such a career are eligible for this program. Previous Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow may not reapply.

The Foundation provides approximately 20 fellowships annually in the following disciplines: behavioral and social sciences; humanities; engineering; mathematics; physical sciences; life sciences; interdisciplinary programs comprised of two or more eligible disciplines. The Foundation does not provide awards for the following disciplines: medicine; law; social work; library science; public health; nursing; business-related disciplines; fine and performing arts; speech pathology; health sciences; home economics; personnel; guidance; education.

The SRC has a complete list of eligible disciplines. The Fulbright Program offers a variety of grant opportunities, including comprehensive Fulbright grants and Fulbright travel grants. Additional grants are available on a country-by-country basis, including opportunities in teaching and business.

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Length of grants: Most of the grants described will be awarded for programs of study or research that will require one academic year. Specific academic qualifications are contained in the Regional Summaries or Individual Country Summaries. Applicants must be U. Applicants must hold a B. Applicants may not hold a doctoral degree at the time of application, unless otherwise noted.

Applicants must have sufficient proficiency in the written and spoken language of the host country. The Garden Club offers a number of awards for work in horticulture, landscape architecture, agriculture, tropical botany, tropical forest preservation and environmental studies.

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Fellowship open to US and non-US citizens. Georgia-Pacific has contributed a scholarship to be awarded to students in Chemistry or Engineering. To qualify the applicant must: 1 Have a college level grade point average of 3. The award is made in support of research and preparation of a paper on an aspect of wilderness establishment, protection, or management. The work may apply to a particular landscape or it may address issues broadly. The Foundation does not accept applications directly from applicants. Candidates must be either full-time sophomores or juniors majoring in mathematics, natural sciences, or engineering to compete for this scholarship and maintain a minimum 3.

The U. Eligible students will receive support for their junior and senior years of undergraduate study and for an internship at an EPA facility during the summer between their junior and senior years. The objectives are to gather important information on all aspects of the river and to train students in conducting estuarine studies and public policy research.

Open to US and non-US citizens. Irving Langmuir , a Nobel laureate and avid outdoorsman, made a hobby of understanding the mechanisms of natural phenomena.

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Langmuir's days at Columbia initiated a career devoted to research for the benefit of society. The Langmuir Scholars Program strives to encourage undergraduates to adopt Dr.

Langmuir's ideal qualities--inquisitive thought, research-oriented learning, and environmental concern. The program is open to undergraduates at Columbia University. The scholarship seeks to support exceptional students with financial need who are enrolling graduate school. Applicants must have a cumulative 3. Graduating seniors or college graduates who are enrolling in graduate school within five years of completing an undergraduate degree are encouraged to apply. Jessup funds are awarded competitively to students wishing to conduct studies at the postgraduate, doctoral and postdoctoral levels under the supervision or sponsorship of a member of the curatorial staff of the Academy.

The Awards are not available for undergraduate study.

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Such studies may be in any specialty in which these curators have expertise. The fellowship provides a unique educational experience to students who have an interest in ocean, coastal and Great Lakes resources and in the national policy decisions affecting those resources. The program matches highly qualified graduate students with "hosts" in the legislative and executive branch of government located in the Washington, D.

The length of assignment is one-year non-renewable. Grantees in the natural sciences, social sciences, and public policy study multidisciplinary approaches to environmental preservation and sustainable development. The goal of the initiative is to develop a well-prepared cadre of environmental professionals who, upon completion of their studies, will return to their institutions to share their expertise with colleagues while maintaining contact with each other.

This fellowship is intended for scholars with citizenship in an African country who seek to obtain an advanced degree or specialized training in an area of study related to human origins research. Refer to website for application procedures. The Levinson Foundation is a private family foundation that has been in existence since and makes grants to individuals and groups committed to developing a more humane and rewarding society, in which people have a greater ability and opportunity to determine directions for the future.

COOP invites proposals for innovative projects. Refer to website for details. The Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program provides support for outstanding scholarship and encourages independent graduate-level research in oceanography, marine biology, or maritime archaeology, particularly by women and members of minority groups.

Master of Environment and Society (MEnvSoc): University of Waikato

Masters students may be supported for up to two years, and doctoral students for up to four years. About four scholarships are awarded each year. NASA places particular emphasis on the applicant's ability and interest in pursuing academic training and research using observations and measurements from NASA's Earth orbiting satellites, and in developing inter- or cross-disciplinary research. The National Geographic Society awards grants for scientific field research and exploration through its Committee for Research and Exploration.

All proposed projects must have both a geographical dimension and relevance to other scientific fields and be of broad scientific interest. The committee is emphasizing multidisciplinary projects that address environmental issues e. Funding is not restricted to United States citizens. Researchers planning work in foreign countries should include at least one local collaborator as part of their research teams.