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Next he made inroads into Gondwana. During this period he ended discrimination against the Hindus by abolishing pilgrimage taxes in and the hated jizyah poll tax on non-Muslims in By the mids he had also developed a new pattern of king-noble relationship that suited the current need of a centralized state to be defended by a nobility of diverse ethnic and religious groups. Akbar crushed the opposition ruthlessly.

Rajasthan also bordered on Gujarat, a centre of commerce with the countries of western Asia and Europe. In Akbar invaded Chitor , the capital of Mewar; in February the fort fell into his hands. But the western half of Mewar remained in the possession of Rana Udai Singh.

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Later, his son Rana Pratap Singh, following his defeat by the Mughals at Haldighat , continued to raid until his death in , when his son Amar Singh assumed the mantle. He was in Patna in , and by July Bengal was a part of the empire, even if some local chiefs continued to agitate for some years more.

Later, Man Singh , governor of Bihar, also annexed Orissa and thus consolidated the Mughal gains in the east. To demonstrate his strength, the Mughal army paraded through Kashmir , Baluchistan, Sindh, and the various tribal districts of the region. More than for its military victories, the empire under Akbar is noted for a sound administrative framework and a coherent policy that gave the Mughal regime a firm footing and sustained it for about years.

She was his childhood friend also. Other than Ruqaiya Begum, he had many wives in his harem who were kept with luxuries in the harem. Under the guardianship of Bairam Khan, Akbar annexed many territories and added them to his growing empire. He had conquered almost all of the northern India with the help of Bairam Khan. But in when he grew up enough to take his own decisions he dismissed Bairam Khan and took control over the entire empire.

He was a very cunning general who properly knew how to expand his reign. He expanded his territories from Afghanistan in the north to Godavari River in the south. From Sindh in the west to Bengal in the east, the complete nation was under the name of one ruler Akbar. Akbar was very intelligent man. He knew that only power was not sufficient to rule over people. He employed several strategies to win the hearts of people. Akbar had great capability of winning the hearts of people whom he conquered. He forgave them for their wrongdoings and made them loyal to the Sultanate.

Akbar The Great, The Second Ruler Of The Mughal Empire

Moreover he deployed them at higher positions and ranks in his court. This humble attitude of him won the hearts of his courtiers also. Akbar made alliances with Hindu kings by marrying their daughters. This was a strategic move of his to gain trust of Rajput rulers so as to avoid any conflicts with them. He married Hindu princess- Jodha bai, the eldest daughter of the house of Jaipur.

This alliance has been recorded in the annals of history. He gave higher ranks to the fathers and brothers-in-law of his Hindu wives in his court.

This elevated their status in the society and courts. Hindu and Muslim alliances were not respected in the society and the Hindu kings who marry their girls in Muslims were looked down upon and humiliated. But the respect he gave them was unparalleled.

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