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Doraemon has the pocket on his stomach, form where he removes the gadgets. He always save Nobita from his friends. But as usual Nobita get Zero marks in his test, and he hides the test papers, but unfortunately the test papers are seen by his mother, and he again comes in trouble.

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Nobita is jealous from dekisugi, because he is clever. I like all character in the cartoon of Doraemon. The characters are. By this cartoon, we get a lesson that we should always work hard. Doaremon too teach Nobita to work hard and solve his problem by own. Not to depends on other. If we open the door and say the name of the place that we want to go to, we can go there by passing through the door. Therefore, I think Doraemon is not only an ordinary cat! Devilkin is the greatest Pokemon. It looks like a ghost. It weighs only 0. Devilkin has three eyes.

The third eye is on its forehead. It is used to get details from other Pokemons. When this eye gets the details of a Pokemon, Devilkin can change to this Pokemon and have all its abilities. Devilkin flies very fast because it has a very special cloud. It can fly about km per second. Devilkin is one year old. It was created by a young Pokemon trainer called Kevin Li. It is transparent so you can look through it. Devilkin has a very powerful weapon. This weapon looks like a fork. Therefore, I said it is the greatest Pokemon.

Pickey and Picnne were created by me. Pickey is a boy who is three years old. He looks like a rat. His weight is 10 kg and his height is 0. Pickey's abilities are swimming and he can squirts water. Pickey also has a little sister, Picnne. She is one year younger than Pickey. Her weight is 7. Picnne's abilities are to think of some clever methods to solve problems and she can hypnogenesis.

Some features of Pickey and Picnne are the same. They have ribbons, two big ears, Blue eyes, a square face and a big smile. Since I was primary four. I have had a passion for Pokemon already. Today, although I am in secondary 2, I still love Pokemon very much. So, some of my friends always say that I am puerile but I don't mind about it. For this reason, this time I describe two of the Pokemons to you.

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I hope you can love them after you read them. That one, is the main Pokemon in the cartoon. It is Pikachu. Pikachu is Pokemon no. It is a yellow electricity rat. It has two long, thin ears, a long tail and at the back of Pikachu, there are brown mottles. Pikachu also has an extremely cute face.

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However, his main abilities ten thousand Volta and thunderbolt are very powerful, so don't bully it. Except this, Pikachu is kind and friendly to others except the bad ones. It is also some girls' favorite because it is cute.

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The darivinism of Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu:. Pikachu came from Pichu. And Pikachu will evolute to Raichu.

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  7. The second Pokemon that I want to describe is Clefairy. Clefairy is Pokemon no.

    They are pink. They are sprite of Pokemon. They have two big, brown ears, two little wings and one sharp tooth in their mouth. Also, there is a little curly hair in front of their forehead. They are very cute, they have special energy but they don't use it. It is because it is very dangerous to use this energy. There are just few Clefairy, so they are very valuable's Pokemon.

    They don't like war, Their personality is gentle. The dariwinism of Clefairy and Clefable: Clefairy will evolute to Clefairy by moonstones. It has two brown webbed feet. The lower part of its body was full of bright red colour and there are some uneven and vagged lines to segregate his yellow middle part body.

    Essay on my favorite cartoon character doraemon

    The round eyes were on its red head without any ears and nose. Kyorochan is a bird. It can fly very well but not fast by its big wings. Kyorochan is optimistic and talk to everyone outspokenly by its extremely great mouth. Kyorochan is really the darling of fortune. My new cartoon character. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Category: Our Writings Leave a comment.

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