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While Byrne packaged the idea in a new way, which appealed to the masses, the law of attraction itself is as old as we are: like attracts like. The concept has been written about as long as self-help books are a thing. What the book is often criticized for is its overemphasis on the power of the law.

As an aspiring actor, Carrey would stop on his drive home every night, think about his future accomplishments and visualize them. Lo and behold, he did end up making the sum from Dumb and Dumber , just around the deadline.

When it comes to our internal monologue, loss aversion is a powerful driving force. In part, this is why people who take more risks have less competition.

Book Review: ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne | Youth Ki Awaaz

Fewer people shoot for great than for average. Besides regularly thinking about your goals, visualizing them, and framing them positively, Rhonda suggests an actual, three-step process you can use to make the law of attraction work for you:. However, the one big caveat to all this is that your actions have to back up your state of mind. They say the best books split the audience and this one definitely does.

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Some people swear on it like gospel, others dismiss it as feel-good mumbo jumbo. I think the truth is, as so often, somewhere in the middle.

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Law of attraction (New Thought)

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