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Thus, the idea of strengthening preventative action has taken on greater relevance, and is now encompassed in the emerging notion of 'responsibility to prevent'.

International courts and tribunals contribute to this effort by ending impunity for past crimes. Focusing investigations and prosecution on the highest leadership maximises the impact of this contribution.

The ICC has an additional preventative mandate which is fulfilled by its timely intervention in the form of preliminary examinations. Moreover, when situations of atrocity crimes are triggered, its complementarity regime incentivises states to stop violence and comply with their duties to investigate and prosecute, thus strengthening the rule of law at the national level.

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I could not have passed my course without your help. Legitimate and very accommodating with deadlines. How fair and effective is the current criminal justice system? Can the public rely on the system to make the right decision in the court of law? In order for the criminal justice system to be effective, it has to be color blind, non-discriminatory, and render equal treatment to all members of society.

Age, race, income, education, or social status should not play a role in the criminal justice system and how it operates.

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A speedy trial and court delays have been an issue in the current criminal justice system; the system take extremely too long to close and finalize cases, these cases should be dealt with while the information is fresh and new. Delaying cases also puts a strain on the victim; they have to live in fear each day knowing that the defendant is out on bond, roaming the same streets that they roam. The cost of obtaining help in the criminal justice system needs to be reevaluated. The ability to obtain a lawyer for any criminal justice reason should be affordable; this is only fair.