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The Monarchist offensive proceeded, but slowly. International politics played a great part in the civil war during the next two years, giving the advantage first to one side and then to the other.

The Value of Life in "For Whom the Bell Tolls"

Throughout this period, both sides committed sickening atrocities. The Loyalists were charged with the murders of hundreds of members of the clergy as well as the assassination of their political enemies, and the systematic bombing and strafing of nonmilitary objectives by the Monarchists was a portent of things to come in World War II.

By January of , an almost completely effective blockade was preventing Loyalist troops from receiving further munitions and supplies. Resistance in towns and cities which had managed so far to hold out against Franco's troops began to collapse. Finally, on March 28, , the well supplied Monarchist forces overcame the resistance of the besieged city of Madrid.

The long and bitter civil war was over. He traveled extensively in Spain and was vitally interested in the political developments during the reign of Alfonso XIII, from until In he moved to Key West, Florida, and so was not present for the overthrow of the monarchy in He returned to Spain for a visit that summer, however, and learned what had happened from his friends there. When the Conservatives were returned to power in , Hemingway was traveling in Africa. He was not surprised by the failure of the liberal government for two reasons.

First, he felt that "the mass of the people were not ready for it and did not want it. The money was going where it had always gone — into the pockets of those in power. Between and , Hemingway carefully watched the political developments in Spain. When the civil war finally began in , the only surprising thing to him was that it had come so soon, for as early as the summer of , he had predicted that war would come before the end of the decade.

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Or to love, as I do thee" P This shows how being in the war allowed him to understand what it really meant to be a man. Before the war he never lived as full a life as he does during the war. It is the essence of war which causes these changes in him. The simple character Anselmo is also changed by the war.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

But instead of the changes being negative as they are with many of the other characters except Jordan , they bring upon a positive change on him. When discussing the horrors of war with Robert Jordan Anselmo mentions "The men who come to enjoy the killing, they are the ones who are changed.

I always hatted killing a man, and I still have trouble doing it. Anselmo gains more of a respect of humans after he has been forced to kill some" Hemingway contrasts Anselmo's philosophy of life with the more hardened, cruel men in the play. By doing this we see the change the war has brought upon the other characters.

When Anselmo is watching the fascist camp he thinks "We will kill them. It is a strange thing and I do not like to think of it. I have watched them all day and they are the same men we are.

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They are poor men as we are. We should not be fighting each other, but we are. The war he is fighting is what causes this change of viewpoint. On the other hand, Pablo is a character who has been changed negatively by the war.

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When mentioning how he and his people slaughtered a town, he says "I liked it. All of it, expect for the killing of the priest. I was disillusioned by him.

I expected a better death. He died with very little dignity. Pablo is a character who now is a drunkard. It takes killing to get him to do something. After the death of a Fascist brigade Pablo mentions that "I feel like my old self again.

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Pablo dominates by asking all the questions and demanding answers:. In a way, Jordan is opposing Pablo by refusing to give him information, but Pablo stays in power. He uses his identity as a part of his guerilla group to show his supremacy.

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Now that both sides are opposing each other, their relationship develops into a hostile one. Since Pilar supports Jordan, she is a symbol of Jordan. As she is against Pablo, she represents Jordan to oppose Pablo. She is also the true leader of the guerilla group, as she later takes command:.

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Jordan and Pablo are fighting for leadership, and as Pilar seizes it, Jordan wins. The adversity increases. Although Pablo is afraid of what consequences blowing up the bridge might bring to him, he knows the danger of upsetting Jordan and the guerilla group.

He even offers to help Jordan and the group to escape after this of the bridge. This shows that Pablo is sly. As he senses the danger in this, he quickly turns back and makes friends, before he gets himself killed. Jordan is at the start, as Pablo befriends him. Pablo is trying to pick another fight with Jordan, but Jordan is not budging. Jordan is monitoring the actions of Pablo, and finds that he may be smarter than he seems.