Knight american history essay contest

The student deadline date for entry into the essay contest is December 1.

The winner of a chapter contest is automatically entered into the state level of competition. Email entry is preferred. Postal entry must be postmarked no later than 1 December. The second level of competition is at the state, or Georgia Society level. Essays from chapters are submitted to the Georgia Society Knight Essay Chairman for entry into this competition. Entries must be received from chapters no later than December Email is preferred.

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Judging is accomplished by select individuals who are required to report their results to the chairman by December The final level of competition is at the National Society. The Georgia Society winning essay is submitted by the state chairmen to the national chairman for entry. The national winners will be announced in April of each year, and the national society award will presented to the winner at the Annual Congress in July.

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Contact information for the chairman can be found at:. Knight Essay Contest.

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The contest is open to all students attending home schools, public, parochial, or private high schools in that same grade range. The contest is conducted in three phases: the local chapter, state-level society, and national phases.

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In some cases, the contest may be entered at the state level if the local society does not have chapters or the chapters are not participating and a contact-at-large should be used to find out more contest details. The list of contest contacts listed below can provide you with assistance in entering the Knight Essay Contest. Only one entry per student is permitted per contest year.