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Testmoz provides you with a simple URL that you can email to your students so they can start the test. You can choose from a variety of authentication schemes to ensure only your students take the test. You can customize the look and feel to match your school, or corporate color scheme. Testmoz lets you choose whether to display all the questions at once, or one-per-page. You can set a time limit , and specify the max number of times a student can take your test. You can easily see who took your test, how they performed, which questions were difficult, how long it took people to finish and more.

How To Create a Multiple Choice Quiz

All the information is easily accessible from one page. Make a free test or become a member to see all of Testmoz in action. Still not convinced? See more features. Easily create a quiz for your class, business or organization. Take a Demo Quiz See what Testmoz looks like as a test taker.

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Build a Free Test You can build tests on Testmoz for free with some limitations. More Literacy Units. Animal Articles. Butterfly Life Cycle. Human Body.

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Matter Solid, Liquid, Gas. Simple Machines. Space - Solar System. More Science Worksheets. Maps Geography. Maps Map Skills. More Social Studies. More Holiday Worksheets. Brain Teasers. Mystery Graph Pictures. Number Detective. Lost in the USA. More Thinking Puzzles. Teaching Tools. Award Certificates. More Teacher Helpers. Alphabet ABCs. Numbers and Counting. Shapes Basic. More Kindergarten. Word Search Generator.

Multiple Choice Generator. Fill-in-the-Blanks Generator. More Generator Tools. Full Website Index. Log In. Become a Member. Early Literacy. Spelling Lists.

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Chapter Books. Social Studies. Teacher Helpers. Pre-K and Kindergarten. Worksheet Generator. Multiple Choice Worksheet Generator. Only members can print generated worksheets without a watermark. Worksheet Creator: example: Mrs.

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Start Numbering With :. Now it's time to write your multiple choice questions! Approximately 4 or 5 questions will fit on a page.

Your worksheet can contain multiple pages. You may enter as many questions as you'd like.

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If you want fewer choices, you may leave fields blank. For example, if you want 3 choices instead of 4, just leave the field for answer d blank. Mark the circle next to the correct answer if you'd like an answer key.

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  • How to Create a Multiple Choice Quiz.
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Question Choice A:. Showing Question 1 of 1. STW members are able to save their worksheets. You are not currently logged in and will not be able to save this file. Create Worksheet.