Narrative essay on a baseball game

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The Baseball Projects: A Step-by-step Approach to Introducing Information Architecture

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Robbed by the ball boy

Additional Info Like Us. Topics: Baseball. My first trip to a baseball stadium was an experience that will make a long lasting impression on me. Having played on a little league team and having the experiences of playing on a little league field, it is nothing compared to what I saw the first time. It was a night game in the month of May. It was a warm night the bright yellowish-orange sun hit my body; my excitement was growing in anticipation of what was going to be a completely new experience for me, I was going to see my first professional baseball game.

Don't use plagiarized sources. As we approached the stadium and parked the car, we walked closer to the entrance of the stadium.

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My excitement started to sharply increase. The anticipation of my first live and in color was awaiting me. As we walked toward the ticket booth ahead of my parents to get our tickets, my anticipation was growing. With tickets in hand, I anxiously waited for the gates to open. I marveled at how beautiful the stadium was built, looking at how the red bricks made specific patterns and other designs. Upon entering the stadium, I saw the gray stairs awaiting me. Nervously approaching them ever so slightly, we waited at the back of the line.

I looked around and saw many people socializing amongst each other. Observing this, we all pondered what they might have been saying about the facility as well. At last, the line started to move. Walking up the stairs, I let my excitement come out.

Narrative Essay: Biography of Jackie Robinson

I was astonished at the magnificent size of the stadium. My family and I proceeded to grab the free program being handed out.

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Looking around, I witnessed the green seats, the gray facade concession stands, and the black scoreboard with LED lighting. I was overwhelmed taking in the magnitude of the stadium. Proceeding down the concourse, I stopped and grabbed some food. When entering the stadium, I could smell the popcorn popping, the hotdogs cooking, and the fried dough being fried.

Being hungry, I ordered a large buttery popcorn. The popcorn, was white and yellow in color and smothered with butter that lingered on my taste buds. Her voice was harmonious and enchanting as she sang. The home team, wearing white jerseys with red hats took the field. They ran, sprinting to their positions as if they are running a yard dash. Throughout the game, the feeling of the cool, crisp breeze ran over the stadium as if a ghost had just walked past. By thinking objectively about another person's essay, you will be better off when it comes time to write your own because you will understand what admissions officers are looking for.

It tells you that you are about to read an essay about failure and baseball. Richard leans into informal language such as "I mean" and "you'd think" to make his essay conversational and friendly. He introduces himself as an unimpressive athlete who doesn't quite measure up to his brothers, this humility making him more relatable to his readers. While this level of informality is not preferred by all colleges, most are looking to learn as much about your personality as possible. Richard's easy tone accomplishes this.

The language of the essay is also tight and engaging. Each sentence gets a point across and Richard is economical with his use of words to clearly convey the setting and situation. College admissions officers are likely to appreciate the overall clarity and meticulousness of Richard's essay. Richard establishes and maintains a self-deprecating and humble voice throughout his writing His willingness to be honest about his shortcomings shows that he is sure of himself and also tells colleges that he has a healthy self-concept and isn't afraid of failing. By not boasting about athletic prowess, Richard demonstrates a valuable quality of self-assuredness that colleges admire.

College admissions officers read many essays about sports, especially from applicants that are more interested in playing sports at college than getting an education. Self-congratulatory essays have the effect of distancing you from the authentic qualities of successful college students and are therefore never a good idea.

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Richard's essay has nothing to do with heroism. He is not claiming to be a star or over-inflating his abilities and his honesty is refreshing.

7 Basic Tips For Writing An Informative Essay On Baseball

His essay perfectly satisfies every aspect of the prompt by presenting a clear moment of failure and a significant lesson learned without blowing his accomplishments out of proportion. Richard's essay would be appropriate in most but not all situations.

If he were hoping to play a sport competitively for a college, this would be the wrong essay. It would not impress NCAA scouts or make him likely to be recruited.