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Signposting your essay means using sentences that make it clear where your essay is going. A topic sentence introduces a paragraph and makes it clear what that paragraph will be about. You can adapt your topic sentences to make your own line of argument clear. Consider the way the following sentences make the writer's i.

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Another thing you can use topic sentences for is to make it clear how one idea relates back to the other or how the ideas developed in time. Your concluding sentences are the sentences at the end of paragraphs.

A concluding sentence should usually link clearly back to the question and make it obvious how what you have written addresses the question. It is often a good idea to reflect the wording of the question in a concluding sentence. If you are writing a concluding sentence after a section of analysis and evaluation then you can use your concluding sentence to hammer home 'who wins and why.

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Depending on the structure of your essay, you might sometimes want to use a concluding sentence or a topic sentence to make show how ideas link together. For example, analysis of Paul's teaching about women's silence in Church might lead you to conclude that he was reflecting the views of his time. This might then link nicely to a paragraph on the gospels and speculation about the place of women in Jesus' ministry. If you do go off topic don't panic. There is likely to be some relevant link back if you think about it carefully. A good couple of concluding sentences can make an irrelevant aside into a really good synoptic link!

Above all, remember that concluding sentences can be very useful for steering your essay back on track if you have gone off on a tangent. For example, suppose you had written a paragraph on motherhood rather than about ordination.

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Stating is not the same as explaining. These include:.

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Crucial to explaining ideas clearly is using examples, evidence and illustrations. You should aim to include sentences like:. You might be able to use examples and illustrations actually used by the people whose ideas you are writing about. However, sometimes you might need to construct a scenario to illustrate the point. Analysing is breaking down the argument to see how it works and evaluating is the final 'passing judgement' and deciding how valid it is. In an A2 essay there may well be some overlap between your explanation and your analysis as you might break down the claim in order to explain it fully.

Imagine you were analysing the argument that Jesus only chose male disciples and thus the church should not have women priests. Confusing necessary and sufficient conditions : e. Or, a sense of vocation might be necessary in order for a person to become a priest but it is not sufficient - other things are needed too - like a certain amount of knowledge and learning.

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  6. Skip to content The essay timings provided here are for students sitting the A2 exams. How much should you be writing and how should you write it? I therefore recommend you use 2 points on both sides of the argument, meaning your answer will comprise of: Introduction Argument supporting the statement 1 Argument against the statement 1 Argument supporting the statement 2 Argument against the statement 2 Conclusion This could start with the argument against the statement rather than supporting. Why this style?

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