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Yet underneath the fame and fortune, there are rich, complex chords and harmonies that to this day still baffle musicologists. This article aims to provide a brief introduction to the complexities of The Beatles tonal language, chords and harmonies, and in doing so provide the reader with a new perspective on some of the most well known songs of pop music history.

With how famous and influential The Beatles are now, it is quite easy to forget that they initially started as a small band with their own musical idols.

Elvis in particular helped pave the way for helping The Beatles become such a hit. Although some artists intentionally make changes in efforts to appear more towards a certain demographic, members of The Beatles have been quoted numerous times as saying they often changed musical tones and styles out of sheer boredom — they were simply interested in exploring a different musical language. For instance, albums Sgt. Now, it is natural instinct for any music lover is to frown at the idea of a 21 chord pop song, especially considering that even to this day, most pop songs generally consist of chords.

But somehow The Beatles make it work, unconventional chords and all. This tonal progression is not only completely understandable, but it is also very logical. But with the songs vocal melody overlapping, The Beatles unconventional additions not only work, but they make the song memorable and enigmatic.

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The musical style of this piece is a basic rock and roll song featuring a few chords within the basic verse chorus verse chorus structure. The change between their early work from the latter work shows just how much The Beatles were willing to experiment within the studio and how much they loved to explore past musical eras.

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What is so fascinating about The Beatles, though, is that they create not only popular songs, but genuine all-time greats songs with these unorthodox chords and melodies. Rock Band.

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