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This essay will discuss some relevant reasons and subsequently solutions to address this problem. Water is polluted by a variety of reasons. Firstly, the amount of industrial and domestic sewage results in the destruction of water resources. There are many manufactures are constructed along rivers or seas so that their wastes are being dumped directly to our water. Secondly, a lack of filtering system also a main cause of this issue. Because of an expensive purifying infrastructure system, most factories avoid building one.

However, water pollution can be solved by two possible solutions. Governments have a strong responsible to raise the awareness of public about protecting the water environment.

Causes And Solutions To Water Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay

Mass media could be used as a method to educate people about how water is important to our society. In addition, factories need to be encouraged to build the filtering system. They could ask for supporting investment from governments or some environmental organizations to create their own effective one. In conclusion, water resources are at risk because of sewage come from both industries and domestic and also a lack of purifying system.

However, the attitude of citizens and producers could reduce the serious of the problem. I need some comments,pls Quote Post by David. First main paragraph - Water is polluted FOR This untreated sewage dumped into the water bodies render the water harmful for humans as well as aquatic species. Littering is one of the main causes behind the pollution of our water bodies.

People tend to throw their household waste onto the road, which due to poor waste management, ultimately reaches the rivers, lakes and other water bodies through wind and rain. Household waste mainly contains non biodegradable materials like plastic wrappers, polythene and glass etc. Also, people visiting riverside or lakes for recreational purposes, litter chips packets, water bottles etc on ground, which ultimately find its way into the water body.

Industrial waste includes the waste generated by the manufacturing industry and other industrial processes.

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It may contains various pollutants depending on the industries, like — gravel, sand, concrete, dirt, garbage from mess and kitchens, oil, metals etc. Industrial wastes like varnish, paints, metals like mercury and lead, could be severely harmful and come under the category of hazardous wastes. Agriculture industry is regarded as the prime polluter of water bodies around the world. Agriculture pollutants contain chemical fertilizers, pesticides and waste from livestock, which gets washed down with rain into the rivers and lakes.

Industrial waste is rich in pathogens, viruses and bacteria, thus contaminating the water and making it harmful to use. Also, high quantity of nutrients from agri waste results in excessive algae formation in the water bodies. Radioactive pollution of water is caused by the industries or educational institutions dealing with radioactive materials for commercial, educational or research purposes. Radioactive substances can stay in water for thousands of years and pose a serious health hazards to humans, animals and aquatic life. Also, the accidental spillage of radioactive substances or testing of radioactive weapons poses a threat of radioactive pollution.

Water pollution has an adverse effect on the ecological balance of a place and results in species depletion and habitat destruction. It also adversely affects the health of humans causing some serious ailments with lifelong complications. Below, we will discuss some of the most prominent effects of water pollution. Water pollution poses a threat of several water borne diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery etc.

Chemical pollutants like mercury, pesticides and others, may lead to more serious medical conditions like mercury poisoning and other cardio vascular or respiratory ailments. Water pollution results in depletion of natural water resources making freshwater more scarce. Water pollution results in loss of aquatic life due to various reasons. Solid as well as chemical pollutants pose a serious threat to the fishes and other aquatic species.

Also, some pollutants contain microorganism, ultimately resulting in low oxygen content of the water as the microorganisms consume oxygen. This phenomenon deprives the aquatic life, of the much essential oxygen, ultimately resulting in the loss of species. All the living species — animals, humans, trees, plants, fishes, reptiles, birds etc around a place, up to a large extent, depend on available fresh water resources for their survival. It could be said that the biological diversity at a place depends on its water resource.

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On the other hand contamination of the only fresh water resource around an area will cause loss of habitat and biodiversity. Pollution of water causes loss of habitation, depletion of species, biodiversity loss along with various other derogatory effects. These all effects when combined together ultimately result in environmental loss, which further results in severe conditions like global warming, climate change and acid rain etc. Water pollution not only poses a threat to human health but also to the health of environment as well. Therefore, it is high time to take global initiatives towards preventing further loss of water resources due to pollution.

Water Pollution has become a severe threat in most of the countries across the globe. It is one of the issues which has started giving sleepless nights to the environmentalists in the world. It is already understood that water is one of the essential component for all life forms but still water pollution has become a serious ecological threats in recent times. The mixing of pollutants like chemicals, garbage, pathogens, livestock waste etc into fresh water leading to its degradation is termed as Water Pollution. Industrial and household waste, chemicals from factories, run-off fertilizers and pesticides from agricultural land etc highly affects the quality of water making it toxic for human consumption and use.

It also results in fatal diseases and epidemics causing loss of lives. Water Pollution could be of various types depending on the pollutants and the location affected. Surface pollution, groundwater pollution, marine pollution etc are certain major types of water pollution based on location. Based on the pollutants, water pollution could also be categorized as Organic and Chemical based pollution. Organic Water Pollution is caused due to the presence of microorganism like viruses and bacteria. The household sewage, animals and vegetable waste etc cause this type of water pollution.

Chemical Water Pollution is caused due the industrial disposal system which contains nitrates, phosphates, pesticides, drugs, acids etc. These chemicals make the water toxic and create havoc for the aquatic animals. Marine Pollution is the type of water pollution which is majorly caused due to Oil Spills from ships, sinking of ships or oil tanks etc in seas or oceans. The waste discharge from factories to seas and oceans also adds up to this type of pollution.

Ground Water pollution could be caused due to natural as well as man-made reasons. The presence of certain substances in earth like Arsenic and Fluoride can react with water making it toxic. Landfills using polythene and plastic as well as fertilizers or pesticides used in agriculture can gradually reach aquifers and contaminate the ground water. Surface water bodies like rivers, lakes, ponds etc gets polluted due to the human waste disposal, plastic dumps, sewage etc. Disposing of trash, garbage, oils etc also causes this type of pollution.

The side effects of urbanization and industrialization have lead to causing severe water pollution in modern era.

The household sewage, industrial disposal system, garbage dump, polythene, fertilizers, drugs etc have polluted a large portion of water present on earth. Major causes of water pollution are listed below —.

Water Shortage: Causes & Solutions

The sewage and waste water from household are mostly drained into rivers and local water bodies without any treatment. This pollutes the water making it unsuitable for human consumption and use. The chemicals and waste products from industries and factories are drained into nearby water bodies which eventually flow to rivers and oceans. The chemicals and residue of the industrial waste makes the water polluted and toxic.

The fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture for high yield gradually seep into the ground and eventually reach aquifers contaminating the groundwater. It could also flow to nearby fresh water bodies during rains thereby making it contaminated too. The radioactive waste generated in nuclear reactors and mining of uranium could also lead to water pollution if it is not disposed of properly. As human beings are majorly responsible for water pollution, they are also the one who are highly affected by it.

What is water pollution?

Following are the major effects of water pollution. As per the reports from health departments in India, 1 person dies every 4 hours drinking contaminated water. The situation is more or less same in other countries also. Rapid industrialization and urbanization has lead to the contamination of water, and consumption of which causes diseases like cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid etc which might term fatal in most of the cases.

Surface and marine pollution highly impacts the life of aquatic species creating an ecological dead zone for them.

Nutrient pollution, marine debris and oil spills degrade the quality of water and deplete its oxygen content making the aquatic species to perish eventually affecting the biodiversity of the ecosystem. Purifying polluted water incurs a high cost and calls for high end technologies affecting the economy of a country. The decreasing fish stocks in seas are the effects of water pollution which has started affecting the livelihoods of the people dependent on it.

Animal deaths due to drinking of polluted water have also affected the marginal farmers in villages.

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  • The solution to water pollution lies in its cause. As human beings are in the core of this issue hence it is only the human race that could find a solution to this problem. If we want the earth to become a better place then we need to take certain stringent steps to fight water pollution as provided below:. Water Pollution has killed millions of people across the globe and the issue is getting worsen day by day.

    Human beings have highly compromised the natural resources of our planet, less for need but more for their greed. If the issue of water pollution is not solved at the earliest then the day is not far when water will be made available only at water station just like diesel or petrol. We need a collective effort so that clean and safe water is readily available and people need not walk for miles just to get a bucket of water.

    Substances generated by various human activities are primarily responsible for water pollution. For example, waste from a chemical factory is often in the form of liquid or sludge, containing harmful and toxic compounds. When this waste is freely discharged into a river or canal, it makes the water harmful to use, also posing a serious threat to the existence of aquatic species. On the other hand, even the garbage containing household waste materials, when not disposed of properly, reaches our water bodies and pollutes them.

    Essay on Water Pollution In English - 150 Words

    In the following essay we have discussed in details — the sources of water pollution, impacts of water pollution, prevention of water pollution, water pollution projects, our role as human beings as well as that of the government in water pollution and its prevention and lastly, the future of earth with water pollution. There are many sources of water pollution; almost all of them are human induced.