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Depending on your information and publication initiatives, develop an eye-catching title. If we speak about a research paper, it should be concise and clear, not necessarily an interesting one. The title of your paper has to reflect the main topic idea without any abbreviations or words that serve no purpose. Running head of a title must be a shortened version of the main title.

Sample Paper & Reference List

An abstract should not contain any in-text citations. It is a separate part with a summary of the essay. Share information like what was your research about, why it can be important, and briefly interpret the findings. Check whether this page has research topics, research questions, population sample, methods, and outcomes. You may want to list keywords, especially when we speak about online publication.

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You may find more on the other elements of APA paper if you read this article. It is one of the most important parts of your work. You should learn how to cite your sources correctly and use an appropriate format for each type of books you need to mention. A general rule of book citations is that it should include author name, book title, a year of publication, country, and city of publication, and publisher name or names.

Harvard Format (With Example)

The last thing to discuss is how to organize information on the References page of your paper. Consult professional writers, or try to develop APA style by yourself. You should learn how to place quotations, making your work relevant, which sources you may use in your paper, like articles, journals, official sites and more. You also learned about main sections that are necessary for a good paper. People frequently find this type of essay writing pieces challenging because it requires following strict rules.

But our useful review recommends to be patient and to learn all the peculiarities of English content wrote in APA style. For example,. APA Style recommends that your title be less than 12 words. Do not use a period after your title or after any of the headings in your paper. The abstract is a concise summary of the entire article. Think of it like an executive summary. A good abstract will identify the problem discussed in the article, indentify the parties involved in the study, briefly mention methodology, and outline the findings and conclusion. Most scholarly journals require an abstract, but many undergraduate professors do not.

Check with each instructor on whether or not they want an abstract included. Your paper should be double-spaced throughout, and on all text pages, the running head of your paper should appear as seen below. Each page on your paper should have an ordered number in the top right hand corner, one-half inch from the top and flush with the right margin. This includes your cover page. Also, appearing flush with your left margin should be the shortened title of your research paper.

If you do not have a shortened title, include the first few words or your regular title. Any tables or figures mentioned in text should also appear in a separate section following the references page. Properly documenting your sources is extremely important. Not only does it avoid accidental plagiarism, but it also allows the reader to see whom you are referencing.

In APA Style, you cite your sources with parenthetical citations in your text that reference a chronological list that follows your research paper called a references page. If you are not directly quoting the material or if you are referencing an entire book, article, or other work, you do not need to include a page number. However, if you are using direct quotes or paraphrasing a material, you should include a page number.

Footnotes are minimally used in APA Style to provide additional content or to acknowledge copyright permission status. They are not used for citations.

MLA Works Cited Page: Basic Format

Any source that you use in your paper should appear in an alphabetized list on this page. Here are the basic guidelines,. In APA Style titles of articles in a newspaper or online are treated just like a sentence. Only the first word is capitalized. If there is a colon, the first word after colon is also capitalized. Proper nouns are capitalized too, just like a sentence.

Below are specific examples and guides you can use for creating your own citations from sources in the following mediums. Author Name. Year of publication. Title and subtitle.

Easy to Use APA Citation Generator & APA Format Guide

City of publication: Name of publisher. Lee, H. To kill a mockingbird. New York: Grand Central Publishing. If the book was produced by an organization, not an individual, list the organization as the author.

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  8. To kill a mockingbird [Kindle edition]. To kill a mockingbird [PDF e-book]. Twain, M. Decide which kind of Chicago style formatting you should use. The catch is that there are actually two system of Chicago formatting. The notes-bibliography system: used in the humanities literature, history and the arts. It provides notes at the bottom of the page, and sometimes a full bibliography at the end of the text. The author-date system: used the physical, natural, and social sciences. It provides parenthetical in-text citations that include the author and date of publication, as well as a bibliography.

    Place footnotes at the bottom of the page. At the end of the sentence that contains the borrowed material, place a number in superscript. Match each source to its information in the text by using the same number, but do not raise it into superscript. Put endnotes after the body of the paper.

    Format your notes properly. The first line of each source is indented, just like a paragraph, but subsequent lines are not. Essay found in a print anthology: 1. For example: 1. Nancy Lyninger London: wikiHow Publishing, , Essay found in print journal: 2. For example: 2.

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    4. Essay accessed through online database: use the exact same format as that for the print journal, but add the doi digital object identifier if available. If not available, add the url. For example: 3. Shorten the note for each source after the first usage.