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Public hearing is one of the core principles of criminal proceedings and laws.

Indigenous Peoples Representation In Mainstream Media Of Australia Sociology Essay

It is very important as it allows both professional and public examination to prevent and maintain injustice. Thus, it can be said that mass media plays a very important role when it comes to investigation of criminals and crimes Berns Media as an investigative tool Media representations of crime have been a recurrent cause of concern and people are still fascinated by crime despite the fact that they always condemn it. Mass media has an important role to play in modern culture as they play in the construction of criminal justice system and criminality. The effect of mass media is very limited in changing the thoughts and actions of people.

It us argued that people chose to watch what they already believe. However, this approach has been criticized by many theorists because of media has a limited role in forming and discussing issues.

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The manner in which the issue is framed depends on many solutions and conclusions that people may draw. Secondly, the dominance of media shall become widespread with the application of the given rule Roberts Moreover, the upper class of people can control and dominate the role of mass media in making investigations. Media houses do make money from advertisement and most of them comes from multinational companies. Thus, it can be said that intervention on their part may make mass media biased at times making their investigations unreliable.

Sometimes the language used by media is revealing too which makes them ultra liberal. Those people who argue that a elite can control media attention have also pointed out the manner in which media attention is gained by liberal political ideas.

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Political issues have still not gained enough importance. Finally, sometimes mass media makes claims and theories that interact with media to create their own meanings and images that they receive. People asses the material they receive with the help of knowledge and experience. Finally, it can be said that because of the above-mentioned points it becomes very difficult to completely mass media for the purpose of investigation. The fear of media is very recognized idea and most criminal events are frightening.

This kind of activity goes against everything we stand for. As critical as this plan is, it poses challenges.

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How, for example, do we avoid putting legitimate activity at risk? Many human rights organizations commonly use Facebook to spread educational messages around the world. The wrong kind of transparency could put these activists in real danger in many countries. Without transparency, it can be hard to hold politicians accountable for their own words. Micro-targeting can enable dishonest campaigns to spread toxic discourse without much consequence.

This is an even more pernicious problem than foreign interference.

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But we hope that by setting a new bar for transparency, we can tackle both of these challenges simultaneously. We recognize that the same tools that give people more voice can sometimes be used, by anyone, to spread hoaxes and misinformation. But even a handful of deliberately misleading stories can have dangerous consequences.

To take just one example, in Australia a false news story claimed that the first Muslim woman to be a Member of Parliament had refused to lay a wreath on a national day of remembrance. This led people to flood her Facebook Page with abusive comments. In the public debate over false news, many believe Facebook should use its own judgment to filter out misinformation.


By helping people sharpen their social media literacy, we can help society be more resilient to misleading stories. Even with all these countermeasures, the battle will never end. Misinformation campaigns are not amateur operations. They are professionalized and constantly try to game the system. We will always have more work to do. One of the most common criticisms of social media is that it creates echo chambers where people only see viewpoints they agree with — further driving us apart.

Compared with the media landscape of the past, social media exposes us to a more diverse range of views. The deeper question is how people respond when they encounter these differing opinions — do they listen to them, ignore them, or even block them?

Essay on Role of Social Media in English

Think about how our minds work. That makes bursting these bubbles hard because it requires pushing against deeply ingrained human instincts. Research shows that some obvious ideas — like showing people an article from an opposing perspective — could actually make us dig in even more. A better approach might be to show people many views, not just the opposing side.

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The media present a baseline regarding what to think about Indigenous Australians, which has an impact on their mind-set afterwards. The media role of reporting race related issues was discussed in the report of The National Inquiry into Racial Violence NIRV stating that the perpetuation and encouragement of negative racial stereotypes, a propensity towards conflictual and sensationalist reporting and an inattentiveness towards, and often unawareness of, minority cultures can all add to build a social climate which is tolerant of racist violence HEORC, This essay is focused on the removal of aboriginal children from their families, its effects on their development and.

Generally, it is acknowledged that our knowledge, thinking and beliefs about the happenings in the world, outside of our personal first-hand experience, is shaped, and some would say orchestrated, by how all these events are reported in print media and communicated through the electronic media. The media can and often does decide what is reported, and these stories, in whole or in part, are assimilated and accommodated into the emotional fabric and cognitive. The family is a social unit made up of father, mother, brothers and sisters. All these members play an important role while living together.

The family has to fulfill some primary roles in respective cultures. Children in their early age of dependency are nourished and looked after by their families. A family passes on to their children the communication skills such as language providing a code of dealings with others enabling them to play an active role in the society. And the family inculcates values and norms, the feeling of what is essential, what is worth protecting, defending and, if essential, fighting for.

For Aboriginal people kinship and family are of particular importance. The concept of family is very strong among them in a sense that they give more importance to the members in their families such as more respect to their elders; respect their decisions, great love for their younger ones Working with ATSI, n. Envisioning, the grief that develops when families consider themselves inadequate to fulfill their liabilities, or the child dies, or is taken away through state intervention, never to return.

This forceful removal of children has affected most of the families for one or more generations HREOC, Since , the removal of indigenous children from their families on such a large scale depicting it as national policy. Therefore, the Human Rights Commission said that official strategy and law for indigenous families and children were opposing to recognise lawful rule introduced into Australia as British common law and from late , constituted an offense against civilization.

It violated the accepted values and principles of the times and was the focus of dispute and confrontation. Genocide is the forcible transfer of children from one group of national, ethnic, racial or religious to another group and to destroy them in whole or in part. The colonisers of this continent have thought that the best way to make black people act like white people was to get control of the children who had not so far learned aboriginal lifeways.

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The removal policies have severely affected every concerned individual — where worst lives were lost. Mistrusting everyone including state functionaries who maintain to shape community relationship to them. July 1, was simply understood to be his birthday.