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To me, thankfulness means that a person has realized the true value of something and is willing to do something to prove it. Showing your thankfulness does not come just once a year, but all year round. For example, lets say that a person named Jennifer has a cat.

She loves her cat very much, so she gives her cat a wind-up mouse to show her appreciation. A person does not have to necceseraly do or give something to someone to show their appreciation, but to simply have the thankfulness within themselves. Thankfulness is very important to my father.

I Am Grateful For...

My father tells me that I should be appreciative for everything that I have, becuase when he was little his family couldn't afford anything. He tells me that I am very fortunate, becuase I dont have to suffer such harships. Thanfulness is also very important to my aunt. She tells me that if a person does not appreciate something, then that person most likely does not deserve something.

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Thankfulness has occured many times during my week. Some things are during class.

Sean, for asking me to be his partner for life and always delighting me with his sense of humor. And for always encouraging my harebrained ideas.

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My dearest friends for their constant support and love, even when I send way too many animated gifs. Our home.

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The generous sponsors who have made it possible for me to blog full-time and love my job on a daily basis. Thank you for all of your contributions to the site and for your insane talent.

Readers like you, for inspiring me to share every day and for encouraging me to always stay authentic. Skip to content Happy early Thanksgiving, you guys! This year, I am thankful for: Sean, for asking me to be his partner for life and always delighting me with his sense of humor. Our funny zoo of 1 cranky cat, 2 ridiculous dogs, and 4 chickens.

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