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Teens found heroes in their friends, significant others, coaches, and teachers. Fueled by teenage angst and enraged by having last lunch, these monsters are ready to devour all who dare to educate them. But one man, armed only with a tome of infinite knowledge, and the legendary sword of 'Expo', awaits these savages with a wink and a smile. From lifeguards to men and women of the armed forces to anyone with a disability, students expressed a need to make a difference in the world, and their heroes reflected that desire.

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Printable Coupons. Cruise and Resort. Grocery Store Coupons. Deal of the Day. He has been a pillar of support for the family. My grandmother often tells us how obedient he was as a child. He always obeyed everything his parents told him and constantly worked towards achieving his academic goals. He was also good in sports.

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Besides, he was always ready to help his fellow students. He also helped my grandmother with the household chores in his free time. His dedication towards his work and his helpful nature inspires us to become better human beings. He is appreciated for his hard working nature and has helped his department achieve many a milestones. His boss and other colleagues always praise him for his dedication towards work.

He is equally considerate about the household tasks. He helps my mother with the household work. He also helps us with our homework and other assignments. He plays with us whenever he finds time and also takes us out for recreation regularly. Apart from this, he is always ready to extend help to our neighbours and relatives whenever there is any need.

Another quality my father possesses is that he is a believer of holistic living. He takes utmost care of his physical health by eating right, taking proper rest and exercising and teaches us the same. After all, a healthy body breeds a healthy mind. My father is my mentor, my hero and my best friend. He has been there for me at every step in life and supported me in all my decisions. He has taught me a lot and continues to shower his words on wisdom. My father believes in leading a simple life.

Though he earns well and can afford a luxury car and a big bungalow. However, he still continues to live in a small flat. His needs are minimal and he has taught us the same values. He believes in spending a good amount of his salary to social work. He is a part of a non-profit organization that is dedicated towards providing food and education to the underprivileged children. Every Saturday he visits these children and distributes fruits and other eatables among them. He also gives free mathematics classes to these students in the charity school run by the organization.

Many a times, he also takes us along. He has taught us how to share and care. I and my sister have inculcated this value from him. We also do our bit to light up a smile on the faces of these children. This is true joy for us. No amount of toys, holiday trips and visits to restaurants can render such a joyful feeling. Just like my father, I also love keeping it simple.